It is a country of many contrasts and of a fairy-tale natural wealth with so far unexplored  primeval forests with
endlessly long rivers, topical islands hemmed by exotic beaches and with amazing people, who surprise visitors by their
inexhaustible energy, fantasy and playfulness. However, Brazil is also a country with an excellent and inexpensive
cuisine, unexpected cleanness, order and relatively high safety. Nevertheless, it needs to be said that  diving is still
in diapers here. Diving bases have a weak promotion and they are difficult to be found.  And when you find one, you
cannot communicate with them, unless you speak Portuguese. Equipment of the bases is usually insufficient, old and very
amortized, and the ships are historical fishing boats. Due to a small number of divers, however, many big animals can be
seen under water. For example giant loggerheads, blue and hammerhead sharks  and incredibly big pipers with magnificent
sky-blue wings.
The most sought-after coastal touristic locality suitable for diving is the state Bahia with the capital city Salvador
da Bahia. In this state, you can find touristic towns, in which there are beautiful beaches, crystal clear, shallow and
safe  water. There are also  several natural reserves, the task of which is to protect  local vegetation and life within