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Diving in the Czech Republic can be divided into three areas: diving in flooded stonepits (both abandoned stonepits and
stonepits in operation), diving in reservoires, lakes, rivers and diving in caves and abysses. In all these cases, of
course, it concerns freshwater diving. The greatest proportion goes to diving in stonepits. Currently, there are about a
hundred of such stonepits in the Czech Republic, while many of them are owned by diving centers and serve only for
diving and training of divers. They often provide also a complete service including filling of bottles, renting of
material, accommodation and training platforms under water. In some stonepits, there are even entire airplanes sunken,
helicopters, ships and in the stonepit Borek, there is also a sunken articulated bus. Most localities are situated by
the Slapská and Orlická reservoirs. However, in the case of reservoir there is a danger of being caught into fishing-
lines and owing to  a small visibility, fine sediment and cold water, diving there is more suitable for experienced
divers. Cave diving is only for professional or specially trained divers with a special equipment. However, vast
majority of all localities share visibility of about 3 meters and the temperature of water close to 4 degrees C. A very
particular, quite popular category widespread among Czech divers is diving under ice.
Czech RepublicCzech RepublicCzech Republic
Czech RepublicCzech RepublicCzech Republic
Czech RepublicCzech Republic
Czech RepublicCzech RepublicCzech Republic