The climate of Tunisia is mediterranean subtropic, which means hot summers and mild winters. Average sandy beaches, warm
but not too clean sea, frequent strong wind and  tempestuous sea with big waves make Tunisia a worse touristic
destination. Many tourists, mostly from Europe, arrive here especially for the reason of relatively low prices and
sights, e.g. Karthago. Diving in Tunisia entirely depends  on the weather. It occurs quite regularly that ships do not
sail to localities because of big waves and if they do, it is very common to see divers ingloriously vomiting into the
waves, to which often contribute exhaust fumes from under deck.  Nevertheless, there are very interesting localities.
For example on the north next to the city Tabarka, lying directly on the frontier with Algeria, there are very
interesting rocky formations and cave passages, into which very spectacular  sun rays penetrate through holes in the
cellars. In another locality, in the depth of about 40 m under the water surface, very rare black corals  grow and their
surface is covered by white encrustation. On another place, you will come across giant combers and shoals of smaller
fishes. The seabed here is mostly rocky, covered by grass and sponges, with small sandy clearings.