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Stonepit BorekStonepit Borek
Borek is probably the most attractive diving locality in VysoŔina. With its today already 31 meters and attractions under water,
it is a suitable place for courses or training of e.g. shipwreck diving. The maximum depth in the Borek increases every year by
a few centimeters. Where people earlier only dressed themselves into their outfits, today they can already dive. In 2007,
we could measure the depth of about 26 meters. Maybe the most well-known attraction in the stonepit is an old police helicopter
in the depth of about 26 meters. You can find it on the left side of the stonepit after the step to the deepest part, approx. 4
meters from the wall. Everything unnecessary was removed from the helicopter, so that actually only fuselage without rotor is left.
The cabin can be swum through. Another rarity is a  jointed Karosa (bus), which you can more frequently come across as a public
transport vehicle in cities rather than under water. The bus stands on wheels and besides glasses and engine, nothing is missing
from it. You can find it  opposite the entrance to the water on the left side of the stonepit about 5 meters from the wall.  When
there is a good visibility, it cannot be missed.  Other attractions are a car wreck and the submarine "Stejskanik". You can find them
next to the right bank, under the original path into the stonepit in the depth of about 15 meters. The usual temperature in this
depth is about 5°C. There are pikes from 30cm to 120cm big, hundreds of small and big perches, a lot of daces, carps and
crucian carps. Exceptionally, you can also see a crayfish.
Stonepit BorekStonepit BorekStonepit Borek
Stonepit BorekStonepit BorekStonepit Borek
StonepitBorekStonepit BorekStonepit BorekStonepit Borek
If you are coming from Prague to see this locality, we recommend you to travel through Kolín, ╚áslav to GolŔ¨v Jeníkov. Here,
at the crossroads behind the city, you will turn to the direction of Ä´ár nad Sázavou along the road No. 345. You will drive through
the villages Vilémov and Kraborovice and after other two kilometers, you need to look for the right turning to the stonepit. (The
stonepit is visible even from the road, but its water is not seen from there.) On the way from Ä´ár, drive in the direction  of Chotýbo°
along the road No. 345, continue along the same road and behind the village, you will already see the stonepit on your left side,
which is about 500 away from there.  Parking is possible even in the close vicinity of the water, but it is good to meet first and
arrange it more exactly. Do not get scared, as you will be driving through a ban of traffic.

Mapa Lom Borek     Lom Borek u Chotýbo°e

    582 82 GolŔ¨v Jeníkov


Stonepit B°ezinyStonepit B°ezinyStonepit B°eziny
Stonepit Mokrýšov - B°eziny was earlier called Psotuv stonepit. The mining was initiated in 1938 and terminated 22 years later.
In 2004, the company Triton Sport acquired this locality and started to build a new base here.  Today there is also a compressor
and accommodation available even for 9 people. The greatest attraction of the stonepit is a flooded airplane AN 2 and a second
machine of the same brand on the bank, which serves for dry-land training.  The locality is a suitable place for both dry and wet
wreck diving courses. Diving is possible even in two stonepits – the small and the big pit. The first one has the maximum depth
about 12 meters, the second one about 20 meters.
Stonepit B°ezinyStonepit B°ezinyStonepit B°eziny

Lom B°eziny Mapa     Lom Morkýšov - B°eziny

    (d°íve Psout¨v lom)

    588 54 Mokrýšov