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Miloš PilařMiloš Pilař Miloš Pilař is a director of training of IGC DIVING PRAHA. He is responsible for quality
and level of the theoretical and practical teaching and for technical reliability of diving
equipment.  He is a SSI Instructor Certifier IC15264 and Reabreater Instructor – for
training of diving with closed breathing systems. He has been diving since 1982, he 
has been dealing with diving professionally since 1988  and since 2005 – as an instructor
He is the head and initiator of many diving expeditions all over the world. He deals with
historic military research of the WWI. He works as a film documentarist. His documents
are broadcasted on the television channels CT1, Nova and Prima.
Bohumil BochňákBohumil Bochňák Bohumil Bochňák is a representative of the company IGC GROUP that also owns the
IGC DIVING PRAHA. He manages functioning and economy of the base. He also participates
in training.  He is a SSI instructor OWI40069 and SCUBA RENGERS instructor RGRI40069 –
for training of small children. He leads the section of underwater photographic technology
in the center of IGC. He has been diving since 1994, he  has been dealing with diving
professionally since 1996 as a PADI Divemaster DM605093 and since 2004 as an instructor.
He participates in diving expeditions all over the world, he takes documentary photographies
of sunken historical shipwrecks, underwater flora, animals and natural  formations.  His
photographies and articles are published in local and foreign medias. Nevertheless, as a display
artist, he applies his photographies especially in advertising design.
Dušan PešDušan Peš Dušan Peš participates in training courses of diving in IGC DIVING PRAHA. He is a SSI
instructor AOWI40070. He has been diving since 2000, he  has been dealing with diving
professionally since 2002 as a PADI Divemaster DM605094 and since 2004 as an instructor.
Apart from teaching, he deals with sale of diving equipment, he is a specialist for diving
computers Uwatec and  an expert for underwater lighting technology, above all Green Force.
He is an active organizer of sport diving trips all over the world and his great asset is an
excellent knowledge of a great number of localities on all continents. He is a resilient
photographer, who virtually never puts away his camera and who documents carefully each
dive and each journey.
Tomáš ŠkrabálekTomáš Škrabálek Tomáš Škrabálek participates in training diving courses of IGC DIVING PRAHA. He is a SSI
instructor OWI40069. He has been diving since 1999, he  has been dealing with diving
professionally since 2002 as a PADI Divemaster DM605093 and since 2004 as an instructor.
He was an initiator of a diving expedition for research of Mesozoic fern Křídlatka jezerní
(Reynoutria) in the glacial lakes Maly Staw and Velky Staw on the Czech-Polish border. There,
in the position of the head of the expedition, he contributed to the creation of a film document
about this plant, virtually extinct, for  the television TV PRIMA. Besides diving, he is a devotee
of adrenaline  sports, skiing and horse riding. He is a former forester from the Krkonoše
mountains and today, his profession is a pilot of a helicopter of the Czech police, and when
he starts from the airport Praha Kbely, he secures safety of the base IGC DIVING PRAHA in
Prague Hloubětín even from air.
Alice BochňákováAlice Bochňáková Alice Bochňáková participates in the training courses, sport diving trips and other activities
of the base IGC DIVING PRAHA.  She is a SSI Master Diver 17707MD001 with specialisations
Stress and Rescue, Night and Limited Visibility, Underwater Navigation, Deep diving and Enriched
Air Nitrox. She has logged more than 300  dives. She has been diving since 1994. She helps
with organization and proceedings of the training courses and operation of the base. Apart from
other activities, she also deals with artistic arranged under water photography. She has already
exposed her works on several exhibitions  both in the Czech Republic and abroad, she publishes
her photographies in various magazines. Her photographies comprise an interior decoration in
the rehabilitation center MFK In Prague 1, Na Poříčí 16. (For more detail see the section gallery).
Tomáš FořtTomáš Fořt MUDr. TOMÁŠ FOŘT - doctor ORL, specialist with knowledge of the specifics of the diving medicine
is one of the important members of the whole team of the base. He not only executes entrance
medical checkups of participants of the courses directly at the base IGC DIVING PRAHA, but he is
also available during the course of training and if needed, he also participates in diving trips and
expeditions, organized by the base IGC DIVING. After completion of the courses, you can take
advantage of his medical services for divers in his own specialized consulting room in Prague.
He acquires his practical knowledge also directly from diving practice. He has been an active diver
since 1999. He has participated in a series of demanding dives both in Czechia and abroad, among
others also in expeditions to shipwrecks of Salem Expres and Thistlegorm.
Martin Ptáček Martin Ptáček is the administrator of the company IGC GROUP. At the base IGC DIVING PRAHA,
he is in charge of the service of the base, of all technical devices and pool technology.  He executes
filling of high-pressure diving bottles, he takes care of the diving equipment, warehouse of diving
technologies and vehicle fleet including transport.
Jiřina Žáková Jiřina Žáková is in charge of marketing, administration and communication of the center  of
IGC DIVING PRAHA. She keeps records about students and graduates of the center, she is the
“liaison officer” for communication with the headquarters SSI Adriatic Group and with other SSI
centers in CZR and abroad. She takes care that the www pages of IGC DIVING are continuously
updated. She actively communicates in English, partially also in Russian and German.
Filip BártaTomáš Záhorský Filip Bárta and Tomáš Záhorský are chefs and heads of the catering in the gastronomic division
of the company IGC - International Gurman Club. They are in charge of VIP catering, boarding
and refreshment during the courses of IGC DIVING PRAHA. They are real and reputable masters
in their field. As chefs, they prepared specialties of Czech cuisine  in the national pavilion of CZR
at the world exhibition EXPO 2005 AICHI in Japan, they represented the Czech Republic on the Days
of  Czech Cuisine in luxury hotels in Rio de Janeiro, Berlin, Kuala Lumpur and other world metropolises.
Image Jana Pilařová, a representative of the company Triton Sport, is in charge of the sale of all kinds of
diving equipment and technology.  Besides, she manages the operation and diving in training stonepits
Borek and Březiny and is also in charge of rental of diving equipment.  She is a great expert for diving
equipment of the company Scubapro in the whole range of the assortment and her recommendations
are greatly respected both in the world of recreational and professional diving.