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Veřejné iniciativy The basis of all life is phytoplankton – tiny freely floating seaweeds. Among
these seaweeds, minuscule animals live – zooplankton. Zooplankton comprises food
for fishes, from mackerel to Blue Whale. Wastes and poisonous substances that
people release into the seas, represent a fatal danger for sea animals and
plants and their consequences logically turn against our own civilization. Seas
and oceans cover more than 78 % of the surface of our planet and hide an
incredibly rich life under their surface. 23 % of all proteins comprising food
of humanity come from the seas. By constant  polluting of this indispensable
ecosystem, humans „saw off the branch they are still sitting on“. IGC DIVING
PRAHA participates in the program of non-profit, volunteer organization HEPCA (
Hurghada Environmental and Conservation Association), whose mission is to
protect seas, reefs and coast of the Red Sea. They also actively participate in
ecological events in the Czech Republic.
Klubové iniciativy IGC holds for its members a whole series of various club events closed to
public. These events are held both in The Czech Republic and abroad.  One-day or
weekend events often take place in Prague on the premises of IGC, or in the
training stonepits. Groups of about 4 to 15 persons travel abroad. Due to
friendly environment and common interests, the events  are very informal and
joyful. Documents on these pages are destined only for their participants (with
regard to their often intimate nature) via an assigned key on these pages. The
participants may download here photos and publish their own contributions and
commentaries about the given event for the other participants to read.