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DAN Europe is an international non-profit organization, which provides its members with services for the purpose of a
greater safety of diving. Also a special tailor-made insurance for divers among others. Membership includes annual
common travel insurance - Travel Assist. DAN Europe further focuses its activities on research centered on increasing
safety of diving,  holding educational courses  for divers, such as: courses of oxygen providers, courses of providing
first aid in cases of accidents in the water environment,  courses of first aid in cases of injury caused by sea
animals, consultation activity in the area of medicine of diving and others. Each member will receive 4 editions of the
scientific magazine Diving Alert (with issues related to diving) per year during his/her membership. The national office
of DAN in CZR aims to bring this service to our divers in our conditions as well. In case of a diving accident in the
Czech Republic, the national emergency hot line (608 111 799) is established, which is ready to help in case of an
accident within our territory. In case of an accident abroad, a member of DAN Europe contacts the international
emergency hot line seated in Italy (+39 039 60 57858).
The fastest and most usual manner how to become a member is this way: A virtual payment of the
membership fee by a bank card. The Czech mutation of the web pages will be made accessible during this year's diving
season. For those, who have problems with such a payment, there is the possibility of payment to the account of DAN
Europe Česko by paying the money in cash in CZK or in €, or by bank transfer in CZK. After confirmation of receipt of
the payment to the account, the national office will settle all the paperwork and within several days, the person
interested in the membership will have received the confirmed membership by email, and usually within one week also the
membership card  and mini CD with instructions what to do in case of an accident (so far in international languages) and
other necessary items by post. Opening of the national  branch of  DAN Europe Česko have helped Czech divers to increase
safety of diving already today and in enabled extension of the service of the organization for our divers as well.
Divers Alert Network (DAN), a member supported by non-profit organization created on the foundations of the Duke
University Medical Center in Durham, North Carolina, was founded in 1980. A year later, in 1981, IDA - International
Diving Assistance – another member supported by  a non-profit organization was founded in Italy. In 1984, Diver
Emergency Service (DES) started its operation in Australia and New Zealand.  In 1987, Civil Alert Network (CAN) started
to provide emergency aid in Japan from the university – Tokio Medical School. Even though they were independent and did
not cooperate together, these four organizations started to support safety of diving by a simple 24-hour Diving
Emergency Service - Hotline and non-emergency Diving Medical Information Service. In case of diving accidents, qualified
hyperbaric and  diving medical specialists were available for assistance to injured divers, for consultation for the
local medical staff and for coordination of medical education, treatment and for achievement of the best results in care
about the affected diver.  Necessity of an international organization that would we accesible to all divers diving
anywhere in the world was discussed at the meeting of Managements  of the individual DAN organizations in Durham, N.C.,
USA, in February 1991, where the organization "International DAN" was started. All four organization, which accepted the
common name DAN with division into DAN Europe, DAN Southern and Eastern Asia and Pacific and DAN Japan, were united with
the DAN America into the international DAN - IDAN organization.