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VIP DIVING The whole base IGC DIVING PRAHA, organization of courses and quality of the entire
service has a purpose to satisfy even the most demanding clients. The customer is not
bothered by visiting many health centers, by waiting next to public pools, by lack of time
or equipment. Organization is subjected to the wishes and requirements of clients and
not vice versa.  A small number of students in a course. A practical,  pleasant ambience
and kind treatment is commonplace. The teaching is compact, on one place, with the
high-quality equipment Scubapro, renowned instructors, accommodation and boarding
in the form of catering prepared by the best chefs. Graduation from a course of any level
is a really unforgettable experience and entertainment here. 
Services are provided not only to demanding individuals, but above all to management
of various local and foreign companies, e.g. in the framework of Team Buildings.
VIP DIVING Quality of the lessons is supervised by the Course Director Miloš Pilař, the only Instructor
Certifier in the Czech Republic, which is the highest level of diving education in the SSI
system. He personally chooses renowned instructors with great experience of teaching
to give lessons at the base IGC DIVING PRAHA. The system of education of divers SSI
offers a great amount of top-quality study aids and materials. On principle, a small
number of students participate in the courses, and thereby a greater care about students
is achieved from the part of the instructor. A strictly individual approach toward each
student is applied with a continuous assistance of the instructor even during a self-study
at the base.
VIP DIVING An absolute advantage is the training base's own pool with the depth in two levels
constructed particularly for training of diving. This enables an unlimited access and an
unlimited length of stay in the water. Directly within the spaces of the pool, monitors for
projection of teaching programs are installed. The stable temperature of water 31
degrees  C and of air 32 C enables a long-time stay in the water. Even so,  in the case
of release of the heat from the body, it is possible to refill the energy level in the massage
bathtub or in sauna.
VIP DIVING For training of diving in the Czech Republic, two flooded stonepits are available, while
the stonepit Borek is one of the most renown diving localities in Bohemia.  It serves both
for free diving and for training and there are many sunken attractions just for the purpose
of training.  More demanding customers may undergo a part of the course  - open water -
abroad, in the destination  according to their wishes. For this purpose, IGC DIVING PRAHA
has a great number of partner diving bases in both nearby and distant abroad.
VIP DIVING The base has at its disposal a modern vehicle fleet  consisting of off-road cars Land Cruiser
with a great trafficability for transport of diving equipment even to hardly accessible places. 
An absolute rarity is a specially adjusted 3,5 t. Iveco for journeys of diving trips. It can hold
nine persons on very comfortable distant travel seats, it is equipped by video projection and
moreover, the cargo space can hold all diving equipment including a high-pressure compressor.
VIP DIVING For an absolute satisfaction of customers, top-quality refreshment is ensured throughout the
entire duration of courses. There is a buffet breakfast,  with a great choice of cheeses, patés, 
smoke meats, vegetables and other delicacies. Lunches are in the form of grilled, roasted or
smoked meats and fishes with a rich side dish, in the evenings – degustation of archive wines
from a wine cellar located directly on the premises of IGC. Refreshment of the same quality
is sold even outside the premises of IGC - next to open waters in training stonepits.
VIP DIVING The base IGC DIVING PRAHA offers an incredibly wide range of additional services and customer
service. The necessary medical checkup by a top-quality ORL expert in the framework of the
courses takes place directly at the base. Possibility of accommodation  directly on the premises,
filling of high-pressure diving bottles, relaxation or fitness swimming  and weight training, even
transport of customers to the base.
VIP DIVING The outfit Scubapro is used for the training, but it is not used for the rental of diving equipment.
Scubapro is a highly efficient, the world's top diving outfit. A wide range of models is available
and sizes for each stature. Guarantee of quality of all the equipment for the courses is the
selling background of the company Triton Sport, which ensures regular service and alteration
of the teaching equipment. During the courses, both beginners and advanced students can buy
chosen parts of the equipment directly at the base. Graduates from the courses of IGC DIVING
PRAHA will further gain the possibility of buying the equipment for advantageous prices in the
network of shops Triton Sport and the possibility of an ensured service  for the bought
equipment even in the future.
VIP DIVING Semi-professional and professional devices for underwater photographing and filming are used
in the lessons. Students can thus familiarize themselves with this technology not only from the
theoretic point of view, but above all from the practical point of view. There is a great choice
of brands available such as: Nikon, Olympus, Light and Motion, Sealux,  Nikkor, Ikelite, Green
Forse, Technisub, Sony, or Amphibico. Students thus have a unique possibility to try working
with often inaccessible and costly recording technology.
VIP DIVING The whole duration of courses is documented from beginning to end both above water and
under water, while using both photographic and film recording and graduates thus have the
possibility to view their actions in the course and thereby to eliminate more efficiently their
eventual faults. On termination of the course, graduates will receive a DVD with the
photographic and film documentation of their course and they can thus share their experiences
with their relatives and friends immediately after return from the course and  they have a
lifelong documented memory of their diving beginnings.